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India: Journey Through the Heart of a Continent by Olivier Germain-Thomas, photographed by Roland Michaud and Sabrina Michaud (Photographer), published by Abbeville Press, New York.

Desserts, produced by Weldon Owen for Bonnier Books, London. Anglicised from the original U.S. edition by Josephine Bacon, American Pie, London

Prizewinning Recipes

Prizewinning Recipes by famous European restaurants for the Gourmand Medal Translated by Josephine Bacon, American Pie, London.published by Champagnes Gosset, Epernay, France.

Uncooked, by Lyndsay Mikanowski and Patrick Mikanowski, photographed by Grant Symon. Translated by Josephine Bacon, American Pie, London. Published by Flammarion, Paris



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